SMD Production

AVM-TEC focuses on high quality batch SMD production using  highly flexible Pick & Place and Vapor Phase solder.

The whole idea behind the SMD production service is to offer the customer a flexible production both delivery time-wise and price-wise. All pricing is pr. hour from when we start to create the program and until it's packed.

We specialize in small productions which makes our service interesting for small business owners who don't want to pay large start-up fees for 10-200 circuitboards.

Our Pick & Place machine is highly flexible in component size and the whole work area can be used as tray area.

The Vapor Phase is a two chamber solder machine, one for cooling and one for soldering and it features dynamic profiling software to customize the solder profile to your circuit boards.

We use :

Essemtec Fino (Screener)

Essemtec Paraquda (Pick & Place)

Asscon VP-1000-66 (Vapor Phase)

Quick production specs

Component size range : 01005 - 40x40 mm

Component height : 18 mm

Min. Lead pitch : 0,3 mm

Min. Circuitboard size : 50x50 mm

Max. Circuitboard size : 400x400 mm

Contact information :


Phone: +45 2763 6306​


Phone: +4527636306


CVR: 32994164​


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